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CO2 Value Europe, together with its members Holcim, Khimod, Vicat, and MGH Energy, is among the twenty signatories calling on the European Commission to revise the provision about reusing unavoidable industrial CO2 to produce renewable fuels of non-biological origin (RFNBOs).

In the long term, CO2 from sustainable biomass and direct air capture will be the primary CO2 sources for RFNBOs. Yet, given the scarcity of that resource to produce advanced synthetic fuels in the transition period, we need to rely on existing and forthcoming diverse sources of CO2. Especially since a part of this new value chain is also expected to meet the growing demand and the binding CCU fuels and GHG emissions targets enshrined in the FuelEU Maritime and ReFuelEU Aviation regulations.

While the signatories acknowledge the recognition given to carbon circularity by the Commission’s Industrial Carbon Management Strategy and 2040 climate targets, they urge the EU Institutions to revise the provision about the use of unavoidable industrial CO2 to produce CCU fuels by taking into account four major steps:

🔵 Affirmation of the notion of unavoidable CO2 usage beyond 2040, before the upcoming elections.

🔵Establishment of an expert panel delineating the parameters of what constitutes unavoidable CO2 use.

🔵 Reassessment and adaptation of regulations governing post-2040 CO2 utilisation.

🔵 Ensuring inclusive decision-making upon the establishment of Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) facilities.

Find the full letter here.