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On the 17th of April, 230 participants from 27 countries worldwide participated in the innovation award ceremony joined by our Secretary General Anastasios Perimenis at the CO₂-based Fuels and Chemicals Conference 2024 in Cologne (DE).

We warmly congratulate our members Dioxycle and D-CRBN on winning the first and the second “Best CO₂ Utilisation 2024” Innovation Award for their cutting-edge technologies Ethylene Producing Electrolyser and Plasma-based CO₂ Conversion, opening the road to transition away from fossil resources.

🥇 Dioxycle’s Ethylene Producing Electrolyser transforms industrial emissions into sustainable ethylene solely utilising renewable electricity and water. As a result, Dioxycle’s technology igenerates carbon-neutral ethylene at a competitive cost compared to the fossil-based method, offering an economically appealing route to decarbonise numerous industrial and commercial sectors.

🥈 D-CRBN’s Plasma-based CO₂ Conversion technology is a modular and scalable plasma technology capable of splitting the CO₂ molecule into CO, all within a fully electrified, gaseous phase, devoid of solvents or catalysts. The CO is subsequently converted into high-value chemicals, including e-fuels, organic acids and polymers.

Twelve won the third prize for its technology E-Jet® fuel. The technology produces Power-to-X sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) using just three components: water, renewable electricity, and CO₂.

The Innovation Award “Best CO₂ Utilisation 2024” was sponsored by YNCORIS, a service partner for the future-proof chemical industry, and it is co-organised by nova-Institut and CO₂ Value Europe.

Find the full press release here.