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CO₂ Value Europe, together with 11 organisations, cosigned a letter advocating for the recognition of Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) as a strategic net-zero technology within the framework of the Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA).

In the course of the ongoing deliberations surrounding the NZIA proposal, a pivotal piece of legislation for Europe’s sustainable future, we must address the key role of technologies in realising our climate objectives. At the heart of the debate lies a fundamental question: Which technologies are indispensable for achieving our climate goals, and how can they maximise the benefits offered by the NZIA’s new incentives and fast-track permits?

Here’s why CCU deserves to be considered strategic in this crucial legislation:

🔵 CCU has already earned recognition in recent EU legislations, including the Emissions Trading System (ETS), Renewable Energy Directive (REDIII), ReFuelEU Aviation, and FuelEU Maritime.

🔵 In the latest Innovation Fund Call, at least 10 out of 41 selected projects are closely related to CCU, a testament to its technological potential and its capacity to contribute significantly to our climate objectives.

🔵 Beyond being a mere technology, CCU is a cornerstone in our journey towards a net-zero future. By acknowledging CCU as a strategic technology, we can substantially reduce emissions and expedite the defossilisation of the European economy.

CO₂ Value Europe co-signed this joint letter together with Cefic – European Chemical Industry Council, CEMBUREAUCEWEPUPEIeFuel AllianceEurogasThe European Steel Association (EUROFER)FuelsEuropeMethanol Institute, ECFD and Renewable Carbon Initiative.

Find the letter here.

Another letter was published by NGOs and stakeholders active in the carbon removal space. For CCU, carbon removals can occur when the carbon is biogenic or captured directly from the atmosphere, and stored permanently for example through mineralisation. Find this letter here.