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In its latest statement, CO₂ Value Europe welcomed the programme of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the first half of 2023 and the different priorities to accelerate the defossilisation in Europe it identifies. Keynotes:

🟢 We urge the Presidency to support the swift implementation of the ETS revision and to contribute to fast-tracking the adoption of the carbon removals framework.

🟢 We call on the Presidency to focus its efforts on their swift adoption of other Fit-for-55 legislations in trilogues, in particular REDIII and the Energy Taxation Directive.

🟢 We consider essential to exchange with stakeholders to build strong provisions that will help advance the defossilisation of our fuel mix with the inclusion of renewable and low carbon fuels.

🟢 We call on the Presidency to take action for a swift adoption of the FuelEU Maritime and the ReFuelEU Aviation legislations.

🟢 We urge the Presidency to include carbon circularity more systematically as an objective in products-related legislation.

CO₂ Value Europe is looking forward to supporting the Presidency in its priorities and demonstrating how CCU projects can contribute to defossilising our economy.

Find our statement here.