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20 Minutes with Leon & … is a podcast by Bees, within the framework of Bio360 Expo. This series welcomes international experts on carbon removal, bioenergy and bioeconomy to share their knowledge and showcase examples of encouraging efforts towards mitigating climate change.

In this fourth episode, our Scientific Director Célia Julia Sapart talks about her background and motivation to join CO₂ Value Europe by explaining its mission and approaches to solutions. Célia also displays the various terms related to carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) used today by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), as well as how creating carbon circularity can contribute in attenuate climate change.

«CO₂ Value Europe works on the cause of climate change. Decarbonisation is working on the symptoms, defossilisation is working on the cause.»

Please find the podcast on Spotify and on Apple Podcast.